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  • Brett Rogers

    - by Jane Mandley

    For over 17 years, I have worked in healthcare marketing, web development and social media. My goal is to engage your…

  • Julie Hodister

    - by Julie Hodister

    When life was a kid free zone (read, breeze) I was knee deep in print and online journalism, working in…

  • Matt Gervais

    - by Jane Mandley

    My background is in Illustration and English, my degree is in web design, and my goal is to lend my talents to those in need. With several years experience managing web properties and running eCommerce sites I am familiar with the pleasures, and pains, of managing an online presence. I enjoy drawing, writing, reading, and contemplating the comedy known as life. Let’s put my imagination to work for you.

  • George Saad

    - by brettjrogers

    Shameless coffee addict by morning, programmer by day, and latin dance instructor by night. Before I became a programmer about…

  • Cindy Ficorelli

    - by brettjrogers

    Cindy brings more than 30 years of corporate communications experience to the IBD team. She has provided influential leadership in…

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