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  • Brett Rogers

    - by Jane Mandley

    For over 17 years, I have worked in healthcare marketing, web development and social media. My goal is to engage your…

  • Jane Mandley

    - by Jane Mandley

    I feel like I’ve always been writing. Short stories as a kid. Nonfiction essays and newspaper columns in college. I’ve…

  • George Saad

    - by brettjrogers

    Shameless coffee addict by morning, programmer by day, and latin dance instructor by night. Before I became a programmer about…

  • Jullian Kingsley

    - by brettjrogers

    Spending my teenaged years and early adulthood as a working musician, I’ve cultivated a life for myself based in creativity.…

  • Abby Mandley

    - by Jane Mandley

    I have a passion for connecting with people and expressing their stories through my camera in a fresh and creative…

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