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Julie Hodister

Julie Hodister

Copywriter and Podcast Producer

When life was a kid free zone (read, breeze) I was knee deep in print and online journalism, working in the media land of London, UK, writing and editing for entertainment, women’s, and teen titles. (Back in the day when people actually bought magazines.) With over 18 years experience of providing and editing content, I moved into online media with AOL (UK) and a very obvious baby bump as my accessory du jour. I weaned their Kids & Teen website, before moving Stateside and weaning my firstborn. Fast forward a few thousand grey hairs, wrinkles and four kids later, my goal is to put more energy into working for you, and less into picking up my kids dirty socks. Let’s make it happen!

Print & Online journalism
Content provider & manager
Ideas generator
Budget management

Passionate About:
The Written Word
Family and Friends
The Arts
British TV